• Ed Hearn

    It's time for us to pull together as a team - as a country -step up to the plate, swing for the fences, and make a CHARACTER COMEBACK!! Read More +
  • Character

    There may be no greater opportunity to impact lives as when individuals and families are facing these trying times. Read More +
  • The Game Plan

    To support, equip and edify organizations and role models who are boldly committed to rebuilding the spirit and character of this nation. Read More +
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  • We may face no bigger challenge today than that of steering our children through a maze of modern day temptations. As parents, it can be frustrating how often our children ignore our guidance yet seem to be so…
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  • When most of the federal elected clowns are lawyers, they might as well tear up the oaths of office. These politicians have lived above the laws they pass and expect "We the People" to live by. There are…
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  • From a evening spent by the hot coals of campsite fire, to the hair-raising adventures in pursuit of wild game, the great outdoors offers one of the most conducive venues to shaping the character of young and old…
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  • Rick Santorum - “Satan has his sights on the United States of America,” the conservative presidential candidate warned in 2008. “Satan is attacking the great institutions of America, using those great vices of pride, vanity and sensuality as…
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  • Thanksgiving…. Yes, a day of to pause and be thankful. BUT, in order to experience the greatest level of “THANK-FULL-NESS” we must FIRST do the “GIVING.” For some 18 years I've been speaking across the country about "stuff" life…
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  • THE "RING" IS JUST A "THING" that does (sometimes) open doors; BUT I'M MUCH MORE INTERESTED IN WHAT HAPPENS AFTER "THAT DOOR IS OPENED." That's what Ed Hearn is about. I really, really hope people recognize that. And,…
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